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About Us

OMGTV!!!TM is a small company comprised of people that wanted to ‘watch the Web’ as we like to say, on the big computer monitors in our living room – otherwise known as flat screen TVs.

Rather than hooking up our laptops to our TV’s – which just didn’t seem very elegant – we started doing some research.  After trying RokuGoogle TVBoxeeMiro, MythTV and a few other options… and not being very satisfied (actually, very frustrated – we knew it shouldn’t be that hard :), we tried Kodi with IPTV.

And it worked very well… so well… after enjoying it for a few months, we cancelled cable.  A few months later, we thought we would offer a packaged product for others that want to enjoy it too.

We hope you give it a try.

We Support

Triangle, Inc.


As we grow, we plan to rely on services from Triangle, Inc. to assemble and ship our devices.  Its a win win for both organizations as we provide a great product for our clients, provide work for great people with abilities and support a great organization.  






KodiTM is the basis of our product and service, and we are happy to support the foundation with approximatley 7.5% of our pre tax profits. Its a great product and organization.